Thursday, May 18, 2017

This and That -Thursday May 18, 2017

When I picked up Rebecca today at the Villa place I noted four police cars and an ambulance. I sometimes see an ambulance outside the Villa but today seemed special. I don't know what was going on. I saw the care manager while I took Rebecca home and mentioned that the nasal cannula tubing is being requested and I thought they were being covered by AHS. I also picked up the care plan as this needs reviewing.
Rebecca was a bit hyper today and she did not paint. While I dropped off Ruth Adria's application for the Alice Modin Award downtown she was left with younger boy and the art supplies.
She seems to be entering a pencil stage now. For someone with disabilities she has a great flair with colours and she is good with pencils. I'm hoping that the art time will regenerate her brain.
Right now I am very sleepy. I was supposed to go to London Drugs but no go. Tomorrow I have work to do early in the morning and I will pick up younger boy's prescription while dropping off mum's prescription to London Drugs on 51st as well as the pharmacy in Millwoods. I am supposed to be going to the mountains tomorrow and yet I am not ready. I haven't found any tick repellent and younger boy has not packed. It's hard to figure out how I will hike since I did not walk beyond one day. It's going to be brutal (again).
Most of the hiking trips I have done in the past were non-touristy hikes. The ones I will embark on now will be walks about Lake Louise and minor trips around lakes. I'm not yet up to a real hike. I will take my hiking poles so that I have weapons to fend off the bears if they attack younger boy. I will give my life (and my hiking poles) for the service of the oblivious younger boy.
He is still not ready for the learner's licence. I have paid up to $20 for the first failed test and don't want to waste another $20 for his failure to read the driving book. I will make him review in between hikes this weekend.
I would like to eat chocolate now. I got some for our hiking trip and it's hard to resist the bars.
Tomorrow we will stuff the car and vanish. Poof! And we're gone. I've not decided if we will go on Friday or Saturday morning. Depends how tuckered I am. I will listen to music now and avoid thinking of the Mars bar.
I will think of felling giants.
Giants Fall - [Lyric Video] Francesca Battistelli
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