Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tony Kramps Billions ... Hear that sucking sound?-----------Julie Ali This dumb carbon tax business was just a greenwashing GST for the government of Alberta and the real GST for the Federal government. We get ripped off.

The maximum rebate for windows is $1,500 and depends on a variety of factors, including the size of the window and the type of frame. The maximum rebate on tankless hot water heaters is $1,000 and depends on the type of tank. The most common hot water heater, a conventional one with a standing pilot, will qualify for an estimated rebate of $945.
Energy efficiency upgrades to your home just got a little bit cheaper in Alberta. Environment Minister Shannon Phillips announced a $24 million...
Julie Ali Waste of public dollars.
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Jo Robertson Julie Ali we all know Notley loves pissing our tax dollars away.
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Julie Ali Jo Robertson And now the NDP folks think it is a good idea for our kids to learn financial literacy when they can't even manage public dollars well. It's mind boggling: http://www.cbc.ca/.../albertans-want-more-financial... Eggen said the ministry will review opportunities to include financial literacy across different subjects and grades.
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Linda Sülzle Please tell me how many people can upgrade their windows to triple glazed at about $30,000 per house to get $1500 back. Not going to happen. How many are unemployed in Alberta now, how many have $$$ to do this? Will the claw back if you die? What a bunch of lightbulb garbage they feed again.
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Christopher Gunn Alberta you know what to do at the polls, get rid of this garbage government that has no idea how to manage our money and or our province. These people need to get kicked to the curb like the garbage they are.
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Julie Ali I thought the PCs were incompetent until we had the NDPCs in power.
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Patrick Aiello I'm amazed no one slammed the window in Shannon Phillips face. What an idiot she is. Really?,why create a tax grab to create these useless jobs.
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Eric Neil What a rude thing to say. Slam a window in someone's face. I sure hope you don't have children you are a disgrace.
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Patrick Aiello Eric Neil I'm mad. This government has stolen my money and I can't do anything about it. Yes they are thieves, the laws protect them
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Rick Smith Eric Neil: Notley and the NDP calling those that disagree with her and the NDP xenophobes, embarrassing cousins, racists, sewer rats and etcetera....I'm afraid to post what I actually think, we have to take verbal abuse from the NDP and can't say in response?! The NDP are POS!
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Julie Ali It is best to be polite about dissent. When you lose your temper it's easy for government to call you adversarial and for folks to disregard your opinion. The NDPs aren't productive but then again the PCs were pretty good at wasting a ton of cash. I only hope when we hire the next political party that they will be more responsible with our money but maybe this is just a dream. Seems like all political parties can't manage the public bank well.
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Rossome Marshall Holy crap. We were paying for light bulbs and now hot water tanks and windows? That carbon tax must be seriously raking it in. is that net zero subsidy still a thing?
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Mark Weishaar Not net zero to me
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Brandon Schreiner Federal government stands to gain 260 million of the tax if I remember correctly
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Rossome Marshall That's a lot of government salary
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Tony Kramps Billions ... Hear that sucking sound?
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Julie Ali This dumb carbon tax business was just a greenwashing GST for the government of Alberta and the real GST for the Federal government. We get ripped off.
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Adam Martten Huge waste of money but I'll take ever bit of it and when time come to vote I will not vote NDP. Sorry guys I'll take advantage of some of these if I can afford to and boot these pricks out the first chance I get
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Julie Ali They are only around for two more years.
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Kent Larouche This is BS, I have had a tankless hot water heater for 10 years, I probably spent a thousand bucks upgrading my lights to LED and now they are taking my money and giving it to those who chose not to spend the money in the first place, what an fn joke. 2 MORE YEARS!!!!!!!
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Julie Ali Yup. Only two more years to go of this waste of money.
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