Friday, April 14, 2017

the collapsing city of spring

and the snow came down
in long lingering layers of quilt batting

the houses were covered
with the film of white     and gave in

to the suffocating pillows
placed upon their faces

the corridor by the park
was filled with smudge and wet ducks 

the door of winter opened again
and the geese flying overhead could not believe

that the very skies were bullets 
and the guns of clouds were firing at them

the hands of the trees
turned back to wooden anchors from green buds

and the marsh laid out the dead
in their last sentences of ice

the collapsing city of spring
was all about me as I trudged through the streets

and I wondered to myself
what the hell? will this ever end?  

is there going to be more
snow to shovel?

and why now?
isn't it enough that the grass

was just beginning to turn
in their beds of death and were reviving?

here is the graveyard of winter
and spring sings somewhere far away

where I can't hear the rejoicing
the silence collapses the cards of the robins

and puts them away
like bookends on a shelf of a tree

but at least the geese and the ducks
are indomitable   and keep flasking about

the stories that I tell myself
to keep going      one day the wild Alberta rose

will cut through the peril about her
the thorns will prick my hands to wake me to the news

the buds will spiral petals like waves
and the lush red lips of summer will open

the snow will fade into nothingness
and the trap of winter will finally be removed

but for now the silver sky of night 
cuts with the blade of the metallic moon

to leave behind
only the leaping fish of the stars swimming

ZAZ - "Si jamais j'oublie" [Official Video]

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