Friday, April 14, 2017

tell me

I wrote a few words each day
because I could not do it all
in one big romance

I tried to do the work as I could fit it
between the demands of family
I saw the future clearly    it was full of demands

and surely I would never be able to write?
I told myself I may not have an hour
but I have a few minutes between other things

and so I began
I wrote a few words
and made a line for me

I said to the line     tell me 
what you want to be
I tried to make a poem every day

and when things went to hell
I still kept making    I told myself
one day my language will be resilient

and then the singing
will happen     I told myself
that practice will ensure that a poem

will run and not limp down the valley of death
I told myself that poem will stand beside me
as I open the door that I am afraid to open

I hold tight to my poem
and then I open the door to the other side
of discovery     what I fear is simply something new

that I will get used to by facing 
I take my poem like a torch into the darkness
and if you are afraid as well

 do as I have done
and teach yourself to dance with the language
and use it for your own endurance and happiness

take the words like ponies
and run them on the prairies
run with them 

until one day
lightly you can leap on the back of one of them
and standing gracefully there    you are suddenly adept
ZAZ - "Si jamais j'oublie" [Official Video]

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