Wednesday, April 19, 2017

taxes yet again

Snow still on the streets. White lacquer on the nails of the branches of the boulevard trees. A few cars moseying down the street. Colostrum of clouds laid out on the dirty linens of the birthing morning.
Another day hatched out of night. It's a busy day today as I do my taxes. I have told Rebecca she will come home on the weekend so that I can focus. It is Rebecca's birthday on Friday but the cake will be cut on Saturday.
Because the sewing pattern of the tree outside my front window is such a pretty spray of stitches it is hard to see the geraniums that are all red and pink now. Even the two Canada Day geranium cuttings that I made from the luxurious mother plant that died in the frost last fall have spilled over the red wine of their blooms and even seem to be toppling out of their pots. It's pretty amazing how neglecting plants in my case ensures that I don't water them to death.
The writing room is still a mess. I have bills to pay. Younger boy has jobs to apply for. I have work to do for the Elder Advocates of Alberta Working Group. The shovel of time is dwindling and the tasks pile up.
And the walk. I've missed a couple of days. The running stitch of the geese and ducks have been sewn in the marsh fabric and I am waiting for the red winged blackbirds to be smocked in.
But first the coffee. A slice of toast. Taxes. Maybe wake up younger boy to go to NAIT.…/inspiration/armen-gasparian/

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