Tuesday, April 18, 2017

summer job hunting

I have been looking for a summer job for younger boy. We have applied to about 5 jobs. There are three I found today. He has to apply for them before their dates expire. Right now he is still doing his projects. Who knew that Digital Media and IT at the NAIT place was so crammed full of projects?
If he doesn't get a job we will get him to open a business. I believe it's best to start when he is 18 years old so he can try out the independent consultant route. It's always best to have a worldwide market for your skills if you are an animation guru as he aspires to be.
As for SAIT -that's coming up. Then Vancouver Film School. I checked out the school while I was in Vancouver with dad and it seems like a very expensive route to fame and glory and all that junk. We will see if he is still enthusiastic about the business after he learns he has to earn money to pay for most of the year in paradise (animation paradise that is).
Right now I am eating a peanut butter cup. It was a half price candy I got for younger boy that is on the kitchen table. It is a puck size piece and I think younger boy was defeated by it.
I could work on the lawsuit but really it is busy enough avoiding taxes. I didn't do them today as I figure the trip to see Dr. Damant to review the 17 years of data on Rebecca was enough. Dr. Damant has been seeing Rebecca for 17 years or so he says. It's a long time.
The door of time is open briefly now as I move from looking for summer jobs to the cup of tea and the peanut butter cup.
It's best to believe a job for younger boy will magically turn up or at least he will advertise on the Internet his skill sets and be productively occupied for the entire summer. If he has a web based business he can sleep in and still learn to drive over the summer while earning money for the Vancouver Film School business.

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