Wednesday, April 19, 2017

still slaving on taxes

Taxes. I am still working on them. I did younger boy's first and now I wonder if I made a mistake on his forms. I should have done it in pencil instead of pen and so now I have to write out the forms again. This is why it takes me weeks to do this stuff.
Outside sun is reaping the clouds with a scythe of blue sky.
The sun is burnishing the roofs of houses which are balding gently as snow drips off their foreheads. I haven't done the walk as yet as I am still in the wrestling ring fighting it out with the tax man.
I just noted that the three sunburnt African violets are blooming.
Younger boy has got up from his bed and is doing his projects. I had his breakfast next to the computer as he slaves away. No chance yet to apply for the three summer jobs yet.
Next week older boy arrives for a small visit before he goes back to the apprenticeship program. It feels very fragmented now with one boy who has run away from home and the other boy stuck like a wisdom tooth in the jaw of the home. It feels as soon the other boy will have to be extracted and placed in his own apartment in Calgary or Vancouver.
Soon it will be time to do the fun stuff I never did with the boys at home. I will join a group like the folks at the John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights and work there along with the Elder Advocates of Alberta Working Group. Maybe I can also find a job at a garden centre for the summer.
It's all open season once the damn taxes are done.
Oh when will I be free of the parrot of taxes squawking in my face?

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