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-Petitioning Alberta Infrastructure Save the Museum Building in Old Glenora June Acorn Canada,-----------Ideas for the RAM

Because the PCs did not listen to the grassroots (US) they were fired.
Now the NDP don't listen to the grassroots (US) and will be fired.
Because it takes so long to make change happen we need to do the work that none of the governing political parties are interested in doing.
June Acorn has worked tirelessly to save the RAM.
Why should we dump our history? Why should this beautiful building become a heap of rubble? Why do we have to accept the baloney that it is cheaper to pave over paradise? I say we all yap endlessly to the GOA where our hires aren't listening to their bosses and speak about the many uses that this museum could be put to such as the artist colony, activism central and a place where the non-profits such as the John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights or the Mennonite Centre for Newcomers could all be housed to cross fertilze each other's efforts.
We are the people.
Hear our ideas.
Save the RAM.
Implement the ideas.
Let democracy be real rather than the DeMockracy we have had for 44 plus years in Alberta.

Julie Ali Just now  ·  ·  Add to the ideas for the RAM folks. It's our history and it's our ...

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Add to the ideas for the RAM folks. It's our history and it's our museum. Let's repurpose if for our children and grandchildren.

1,931 signatures are still needed!

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" Brian Mason has committed to a province-wide engagement with Albertans

June Acorn
Edmonton, Canada
APR 14, 2017 — starting in 2017 to hear their suggestions and ideas for future use of the SITE. " IF YOU HAVE IDEAS AS MANY HAVE PLEASE SEND THEM TO and I will put them together for a Significant Statement to Mr Mason that we do not want the SITE destroyed but have many ideas for repurposing.
Julie Ali ·
1) Use it for eductional space for the University of Alberta --art rooms and displays.
2) Make it a multicultural community hub for all the kids of Alberta to learn about peace, human rights and culture.
3) Use it as an umbrella site for organizations like the John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights to engage with the communities of Alberta in a permanent place provided free by the GOA.
4) Use it for musical programs for communities where we can have access to community singers and other performers on a low cost basis
5) Transform it into an intergenerational space where seniors, children and adults can participate in programs of any sort
6) Preserve our historical information there; put the public stories of ordinary Albertans on display eg. Ukrainain folklore
7) Teach the children well-- community tutors can meet here and help the most disadvantaged kids get up to speed in their work at school
8) Library section
9) Community kitchen section
10) Teach citizenship
11) Free language classes to new immigrants. The Mennonite Center for Newcomers could be housed here.
12) Community outreach
13) Home care services for disabled Albertans could be provided from here
14) Low cost food provision for the homeless in downtown Edmonton
15) religious function for different churches, mosques--multi religion meeting place to increase understanding and defeat Islamophobia and hate
16) Activist training Central.
17) Volunteer training center for young kids
18) Coop work training place for kids like my younger son looking for his first job
19) a place where kids who are on the streets can be safe
20) A place where the homeless can sit out the cold in a home like setting rather than walking downtown in an endless cycle.
21) A place where the elite can mingle with the poorest and learn what it takes to survive hardship and hunger
22) A place for our children that has their works of art always on the walls in a rotating presentation.
23) Community garden place
24) A place where Heritage Days could be celebrated along with other cultural events.
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June Acorn ·
Dear Julie,
Thank you so very much for your continued support. You are right it would seem that who lasts last wins. The same thing is repeated over and over and time is passing and Albertans are getting nowhere with the NDP government as far as a commitment to save the RAM building and SITE. Dr. David Swann was instrumental in getting a letter from Mr. Mason but it just said the same old, same old. What to do??
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June Acorn ·
I need to go to #16 Activist Training Central !
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Julie Ali ·
June Acorn Just keep trucking. You are doing great!!!
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Julie Ali ·
June Acorn Dr. Swann is able to sense the pulse of the people. The NDP folks like the PCs aren't listening to the grassroots.
We're just grass to them.
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Doug Gould ·
I believe the old museum should be used as an artist showcase.
There are a lot of great artists in this city. Part can be used as a painting/scetching/drawing area. Another for musical and yet another can be drama/theatre. There is already a theatre in there so just needs refurbish. Nice open spaces for artists.
Public can go there to buy artwork. Have fun and learn things. Art classes can be given to schools and public. Music classes can be held there. Weekends can become family outings to see our great artists at work, learn and maybe purchase great works. A percentage of all sales etc can be used to pay for upkeep of the building. School trips can be cheap yet also help pay for upkeep.
This is a great and beautiful building. Let's use it to show the beauty of all the great people in this city and area.
Let the artists show their work and skills. Let the public enjoy the building and the great works.
This must be for All artists, styles and people not just aboriginals as one proposal has been. The building was built with everyone's taxes so it should also remain for all people to use and enjoy. As it was meant to be when built in the beginning.
Everyone wins and it mostly or even completely supports itself.

This makes a win for all.

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Julie Ali ·
I have the same feeling about the space. So big and open. Wonderful showplace for all artists.
So many wonderful artists never get a chance to show the world their works This place could be their first public showplace.
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Anne Marie Langley
Artist enclave for sure. Maybe have apartments for visiting artists, dormatories. Maybe section it off for other businesses as well. The area has beautiful gardens which should be kept up with the property and possibly a greenhouse of some sort outside in the parking area. The transportation links are already in place for so many ideas. Currently there are old movies shown in the theatre portion of the building, expand on that as well.
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Julie Ali ·
Great idea--A visiting artist place. Like in Banff. So we could even have educational programs by these visiting artists.
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