Saturday, April 15, 2017

National Post April 13 at 2:12pm · Options to cool the market could include taxing foreign buyers, boosting supply, rent control or imposing levies on empty homes, though a lack of solid data is a hurdle. #business

Options to cool the market could include taxing foreign buyers, boosting supply, rent control or imposing levies on empty homes, though a lack of solid data is a hurdle. #business
Darshan Maharaja With the glorious track record that this gang of incompetents have on every single issue, if they attempt to cool the red hot housing market, it will only end up becoming a WHITE-HOT market. Ontario Liberals, PLEASE stay away from this. We have enough troubles on housing affordability without your 'help'.
Landon Thomas You're stupid. BC has taken action and it's showing positive signs. Just don't fucking talk and let the liberals do their work. Thanks
Darshan Maharaja Landon Thomas No need for abusive language, my friend. Perhaps BC is lucky to have better people in the Liberal party, I don't know enough about BC to opine one way or the other. But the track record of Ontario Liberals is nothing short of atrocious. Everything that they touched has got messed up. It is reasonable to be apprehensive that they will make a mess of this file, too.
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Nolan Moore The change they made in bc caused havoc and prices to drop. Not the best situation. But Landon is showing his true colors
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Charles Rocco Thomas Liberals prove again that they are the best managers of the economy. While Conservatives slash and burn and still can't balance, Liberals invest wisely to grow the economy. At the same time they target key sectors like health care and green tech. Th...See More
Sean Kaplinski Charles, how are the wind turbines doing? The gas plants? Oh and that carbon tax, I can already feel the glaciers growing again because I've paid my indulgence to the Liberal Church. On the federal level, our military has never looked better either.
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Doug McLeod Charles Rocco Thomas Well done! Hilarious! Unless you were serious of course, if that's the case then you need to get back on the Meds and check in with your shrink.
Doug McLeod Landon Thomas Like they did for Ornge, Ehealth and the Power file? The Wynne Liberals perform a very critical function in Ontario but it is not governing - it is identifying those who support them as being mentally deficient and being in dire need of help.
David Raddatz Landon Thomas Silliness. Look who's calling someone stupid. Liberals stink and always have in this province.
David Raddatz Charles Rocco Thomas Too funny. largest siub sovereign debt in the world. yes great managers. Do you run your finances the same way?
Julie Ali So very true. Government takes every problem and makes it worse with their dumb solutions.
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Julie Ali Landon Thomas I hate to burst your bubble but the government in any province doesn't do much to help citizens. BC may simply be doing spin right now because a provincial election is coming up and the hordes of homeless folks in Vancouver is something that the Clark may be questioned about. After the election is over, if the Clark is reelected it will be housing boom and empty condominiums everywhere in BC.
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Matthew DeJong I know how they will do it....Higher tax! That works....Omg I'm a Liberal....I know what to do!!!! And then let's create a new government department called the Provincial homeowners and tenent regulatory body of homes....And then they can put "premium" on ownership to ensure that property values are stable and decrease any potential gains ......That works...
Oh please Liberals leave it alone...Let the market decide the values of homes
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