Wednesday, April 19, 2017

life and death struggle with taxes

I left the taxes because I was seduced by the sun. I got outside and snow was melting. Ice chips are like drinks splashed everywhere. I saw the garbage man collecting.
 It felt just like summer outside except for the snow.
Now that I had that walk the cobwebs in the tax room of my head have been dispatched and I can (again) rewrite the forms for younger boy to forward his education amounts for next time around where he might use them.
The boy just got back from NAIT and like the food conveyor belt that I have become I silently put two pepperoni sticks, a sandwich and two tangerines with orange juice on the small metal desk that I have set up for his food infusions and left him to his life and death struggle with his projects.
My own life and death struggle with the crocodiles of my taxes are before me but cheered up by the brisk walk about the neighbourhood and encouraged by the light that has infiltrated the garden to show me that the hares have not eaten everything (yet) I am refreshed enough to go wrestle the crocs.
Soon I have a shopping trip to make for Rebecca's birthday gift. It's not a big thing to do but I will buy a cake from Save On Food or Sobeys, run and pick up a gift and then bring Rebecca home on Saturday for art and party.
It's always wise to soak up sunlight before work. This is why I am mostly sitting like a small cat in the sunny writing room being marinated to mush.
Better go do those crocodiles now. I'll let winter run off and spring burst into flames of new growth on the trees and I'll slog away at the revision of the taxes.


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