Friday, April 14, 2017

Doing Taxes--part 2

All day the horror of taxes was upon me.
The kitchen table is full of paper.
Snow studs the garden.
I will do the snow shovelling tomorrow.
When the snow is lifted off the pavements in small pancakes and deposited on the garden the wet will be good for my scilla which are now stuck in icicle tombs.
I have left the taxes to do FBing. It's not good to leave the taxes at the very start but I was in younger boy's stuff and my brain was blank. I had just read this guide with older boy and yet I could not remember how I had done it with him.
Such are the problems of taxation horror. Amnesia results after every attempt.
Topics -- Students and income tax
P105 Students and Income Tax
This page provides some useful links to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) guides, forms and publications concerning students and income tax.

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