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National Post 3 hrs · It's about time that International Women’s Day was about men!--Stuart Alexander When will Canadians realize they have the equivalent of Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey running their country ! These two entitled ones couldn't count their legs and get the same number twice !!! Peter Anthony Holder Like · Reply · 25 · 2 hrs · Edited Edite Lynch Edite Lynch Barbie and Ken dolls? LOL. Like · Reply · 4 · 2 hrs Julie Ali Julie Ali And yet they still managed to get to the top of the power place. Like · Reply · 7 mins

National Post
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It's about time that International Women’s Day was about men!
On the eve of the event, the PM's wife used social media to urge the Canadian sisterhood to share snaps of themselves holding hands with the men in their lives
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Julie Ali Really I don't see why everyone is getting their knickers in a twist. I think the idea is remarkably sweet. 
For all those women who don't want to hold hands with their loved ones on this day, just don't do it. Keep the International Women's Day sacred to women only and simply revel in your own womanhood.
As for me, I will follow Sophie Gregoire Trudeau's advice. #TomorrowInHand
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Tim Westover Hey at least she didn't sing, this is a big improvement.
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Bonnie Miller Two self-absorbed twits who certainly deserve each other.
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Ed Eliote I can't stand trudeau or any of his faux cabinet ..but his wife must remember taht for feminists this is a day to remind everyone how evil all men are..of course they are upset that she would have anything good to say about men...the new feminism is all about de-masculinating men and blaming them for all the evils in the world
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Ron Stibbe ......and Gerry Butts wasn't around to catch another one. Dude needs to figure a way to clone himself since the stupid runs deep in the Trudeau family.
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Robyn Maerz International Women's Day is a time to celebrate the achievements of women, NOT the men who support them. Seems like another Trudeau can't get it right.
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Stuart Alexander When will Canadians realize they have the equivalent of Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey running their country ! These two entitled ones couldn't count their legs and get the same number twice !!! Peter Anthony Holder
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Edite Lynch Barbie and Ken dolls? LOL.
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Julie Ali And yet they still managed to get to the top of the power place.
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Sheila Walker I wish these two children would just go back to the fantasy land they came from. They don't live in the real world, never have, clearly don't understand reality even remotely for ordinary middle class families that don't have time for starry eyed selfies! What a pair of fools!
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Chartreuse Mateus Do you actually think Harper was any better?
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Sheila Walker Chartreuse Mateus ... in a word yes ... at least we didn't have to hear platitude after platinum about making life better for the middle class when everything he has done is making life more expensive for us and our children. This man has no concept of what and who make up the middle class ... if you don't believe me compare your taxes from last year to this year, plus all the other broken promises, and profoundly escalated debt that your grandchildren will still be paying 50 years from now.
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Doug McLeod Chartreuse Mateus "Geezus H Christ! If you don't think he was better than this clown, you have my sympathy for your intellectual challenges but you sure don't have my respect. This is the first time we have even had a PM that is making it his mission to destroy the country.
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Julie Ali I don't understand the dislike of the PM and his nice wife. I feel they are an improvement over the folks we had in the power place before.
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Belinda Cardoso She's about as smart as him - which isn't saying much but as far as egos and narcissism, they're pretty well tied neck and neck.
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Bill Kiechle Damning with faint praise.
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Julie Ali But certainly they are smarter than a whole pile of folks here who haven't made it to the PM's office.
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Tevin Downy Good for her. It's about time women stop shitting on men because that's all we get in the media. Commercials, TV shows, movies where men are portrayed as idiots to their smart, strong women. Can we please have things come back from the too far edge it's been for waaaay too long.
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Gloria Shilka Really there's no men heroes in television or movies? Where do u live? Under a rock?
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Sean Driscoll That's not what he was trying to say. How about opening your mind up and stop trying to pick fights?
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Lori Bourque White Well Sean how about you explain it to us feeble minded women who took it differently?
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Sean Driscoll I'm not explaining it to anyone who's trying to pick fights. You want to militant about everything and every male? That makes you weak. I never said anyone here was weak minded, I'm not the one picking fights.
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Sean Driscoll Trilby Jeeves this is what im talking about.
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Tevin Downy Sean Driscoll thanks. You clearly know what I'm referring to and are probably sick and tired of having that crap shoved down your throat too.
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Sylvette Julien Well this woman agrees with whay you said. Enough man bashing.
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Benjamin Davidson It's so exhausting..... if it keeps up things are just going to start going back tword the other extreme. 
Things can't go from one extreme to the other and expect it to work out... feminism was supposed to be seeking equality! Not superiority. 
And equality means equal... not equal opportunity without equal effort.
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Julie Ali I agree with you. We need to work together.
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Ric Seabrooke There's never a shortage of narcissists in Canada. Had she tweeted nothing, no one would be the wiser.

And on a completely other note. Why does every F***^%$ picture of JT look staged? ...Seriously! ....Am I the only one that sees this?
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Julie Ali And you think all other politicians don't do staged photos?
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Michael Freeman I'm not a Trudeau fan, but for Pete's sake I don't see anything wrong with this. It's nice for a change to see a post about ANYTHING in this world that's inclusive, not divisive. As a woman she's free to celebrate this day in any way she chooses, and this is her choice. Men aren't enemies, at least we're not supposed to be.
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Sophie Gunn Feminism seems to need men to play the evil oppressor so all of womens shortfallings can be someoen elses fault.
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Julie Ali I agree with you. She's a nice woman and yet everyone and their dog seems to put her down. It's no fun being the PM's wife.
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Josh Régnier That broad needs to spend more time sitting on her husband's face to save the rest of Canada from having to listen to his inane speeches.
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Joe Lima Sometime he sounds like a Canada goose in heat.
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Karen Harfield As a mother to a son the female movement needs more work. It's about equality. And men have been major contributors to the liberation we now enjoy. We couldn't have done it by ourselves.
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Dan O'Malley She's probably just his beard. JT has never come across as 100% hetro.....
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Jane MacKinnon Josh You are a pig !!!!!
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Josh Régnier Takes one to know one. 
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Jim Knapp Good humor
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Julie Ali Not very polite are you?
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Lily Martin Just a couple of selfish, spoiled rich brats that have nothing of value to offer. Money can't buy intelligence or class. PM Pansy is a moronic, stammering fruitcake whose only employment history is as a part time drama coach. He was elected because of his name. While Sophie is just a drab, provincial, uninteresting pudding who is trying so hard to be chic and important. She sees herself as another Jackie Kennedy. (LOL) Not. That's way out of your league, Soph. Because of their insufferable vanity, both are being used. Pansy by the liberals, because he couldn't turn down the chance to pirouette on the world stage. And Sophie, because she MUST know she's a camouflage wife. If she doesn't, she's even dumber than I thought. 
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Julie Ali And yet, they are in the power place.
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Abe Preisinger What a new concept, women being loyal to their husband and vice versa! I'm not a Liberal supporter, but I believe that Justin is a good husband and a good father! 
I'm not sure what a international women's day is so supposed to acomplish? Why is there no international men's day? We might as well have a national dog day!
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Anna Ivanova Search: Clara Zetkin and Rosa Luxemburg - you'll get the idea what the international women day is about.
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Barry Douglas Robbins Anna Ivanova I will not be searching for Clara or Rosa unless you promise to search for Cecil Twitch or Harry Balz.
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Dan Strasbourg Men's Day is held the other 364 days.
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Donna Dooley National Dog day is August 26
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Benjamin Davidson ^ lmfao and that... is why feminism is such a joke.
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Emmi Ward Have a look at a Gordon Ramsay video that could influence your thinking 
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Julie Ali I don't think too much of these celebration days. It's best to just keep going.
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Elizabeth Champagne I understand where she is coming from. She obviously is in a respectful loving relationship with her husband but choosing International Women's Day and using the hashtag TomorrowinHand is poor judgement. It shows that she truly doesn't understand what the day is about. Valentines Day was last month.
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Benjamin Davidson And what exactly is woman's day about? Why is it so wrong to appreciate the men who stand by and support women?
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Julie Ali I don't know what women's day is about and I don't care. I think we should be secure in our own selves without external junk.
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Bill Millar Last time I checked there are many more women in CA Universities then CA men. In many well paying professions such as teaching, women outnumber men in the classroom and administration. Many professions I believe including pharmacists, dentists, optomet...See More
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Donna Flick Actually, this is an excellent thought. I've been thinking a lot lately about how the men and boys in our lives have been pushed aside and often made to feel unnecessary, left to wonder just what role or value they have in this world where women are touting their value and their strengths at every moment. Mme. Trudeau makes a very good point!
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Grant Brown I think women's day is insensitive to the 127 other gender identities a person might express. The LGBTQWERTY2SS community needs to join forces with the zers and zes and zits to get days of their own to celebrate! What makes women uniquely special that they need a day set aside for them?
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Gordie Roberts There just had to be a way for Justin to be the centre of attention on International Women's Day, so why not do a glam shot with wifey Sophie with some warm meaningless words wrapped around a recognition day that has nothing to do with him.
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Trena Michele Really?!!??!! *sigh* I'm trying so very hard to be cordial to another woman on the eve of International Women's Day but she is testing me.
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Nikolai Antov Well maybe PM Trudeau will tell us to celebrate the women in our lives on "Mens' day"
Oh right, there isn't one.
...See More
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Greg M Tory We should all be encouraging her to speak and not sing. I could care less what she is talking about, but when she sings, I honestly believe whales heads are exploding somewhere in the worlds oceans
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Julie Ali I think she should sing. Or write. Or speak. Why should we tell her what to do?
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Robertson Druery What's an NP commentor to do when you hate her and International Women's Day in equal amounts? Tricky situation.
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Jesse MacDonald I dunno go beat off cause im sure not many women respect you
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Jessie B. Gussack You hate international women's day?! Lol wow. You must be popular with the "ladies". Good luck with that sentiment!!
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Brian Stolte Did you all celebrate International Men's Day on November 19?
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Tiger the Kitty Jessie B. Gussack Do you reconize "International Men's Day"?
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Jessie B. Gussack I do. All 364 of them! Lol
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Skeeter Jones What she said ^^^^ lolol
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Adrian Marcolini LOL, that must explain why men represent over 90 percent of workplace fatalities and the vast majority of homicide victims.
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Grant Brown Oh, brother! You women need to check your privilege.
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Julie Ali Keep quiet.
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Bob Holden The Liberal party has made great strides for women. Someday they may even join the history of the rest of the national federal parties and choose a female leader, maybe even because it is the 21st century.
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Lori Grondin I celebrate my husband every single day!!! Tomorrow is a day for WOMEN......for without us, well you know the saying "Behind every successful man, is a more successful woman!"
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Sam Mosaad Why doesn't he veil his wife or put a burka on her . Isn't that what he supports and where he got his votes ?
And is planting the seeds of blasphemy laws.
Why doesn't he actually just get another job instead of selling out Canada and Canadians Oh and please stay away from teaching kids because any wise Canadian wouldn't want him teaching his kids.
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Pascale Forget Je trouve l'idée excellente!! Femme épanouïe partageant sa vie avec un homme aimant et "supportative"... c'est ça aussi, être une femme libérée!!!See Translation
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Curt Senka When you're a part of a political movement that has been pandering to feminists and same sex agenda, you're going to get a negative reaction to something like this.
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Ron Snell The little Tramp Shopie at it again, she will not lose that let them eat cake while Canada was on fire statue, in her quest to be paid for being the PM's wife. Note how the Entitled one's dress and have the audicity to compare themselves to regular Canadians. Justin's under the table deals with Lobbyist obviously filling his coffers.
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Bob Hayes I wonder if they use the same meds? Certainly seems that way......
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Michael Hald I voted for Michelle Rempel, she has yet to disappoint me on that decision! As a Father with two daughters I want them to know they do not need to hold anyone's hand for any reason! Rona Ambros, Michelle Rempel even the Trump women are better examples for our children then our want to be queen. Such a disappointment!
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Mark Vance Melania on full display is a better example formyour kids? I sincerely hope the best for your daughters as they achieve their goals of being strippers and/or call girls.
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Michael Hald So because she was a successful lingerie model and clothing designer that makes her a stripper or call girl. Your a pretty sad person there Mark. And if either of my daughters can be as successful as Melania I will be happy.
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Julie Ali If Michelle Rempel doesn't want to hold hands with a man that's her right but she should not be yapping as if it were a sin if other women want to do this on any day--even if that day is International Women's Day. Who the heck is Ms. Rempel to tell us what to do on this day?
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