Thursday, March 9, 2017

I made a soul of these threads

I made my soul
out of paper
and then set it afloat
but it drowned in the sea

and so I was forced
to become tougher
I made a soul of cotton fabric 
and it wore away to nothing

I decided to go in the other direction
I took the spider as mentor      to train me
I watched the spinning of the web
and the tensile strength of that platter of life

I decided to imitate the creation
to make     something vulnerable and transitory
I put the sail of my soul out to sea
and transparently went out to war

I made a soul out of these threads
of poetry       and all along the journey
I survived the storms and the capsizing
because I repaired the torn web

with what I had inside me
I told myself the spider and the web
will endure as long as I write
and this is true really    for anybody who needs proof 

simply take the threads of your life
and begin spinning the web
let the web be completely at risk
and trampoline there every day

and when your web is torn and destroyed
take your own mind like medicine    and make again the web
reconstruct reality in any way you can
this is the way       I made a soul of these threads

ZAZ - "Si jamais j'oublie" [Official Video]

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