Tuesday, March 7, 2017

and when you arrive here

and when you arrive here
stand tall and do not fear
what happens
is yours to understand

and when you see the snow flying
over the dead land
when you see the stars falling
into the ocean

these are dreams only
you are travelling to a destination
that is mysterious   take your soul like a sail
and let the craft take you to where

the land is waiting for you
the arrival there is not the end
but simply a resting place
you are to keep moving 

the days are tripping over themselves
to the end you are dreaming in poems
here is the gap where you dwell
and there is the new place

you must leap over the absence
this is the way to the end
you take your heart and begin the work of change
you do this every day

and you do not give up
or give in      these miracles
are ours for receiving
and so do not hesitate

leap over the gap and see
the future is a series of missteps
and the falling into the gap
is how we transform          and so

keep going   we are built for success eventually
I take my boat of words
and I row hard for the distant landscape of the future
where the dawn is blooming 


ZAZ - "Si jamais j'oublie" [Official Video]

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