Tuesday, February 7, 2017

This and That--Tuesday February 7, 2017

I finished cleaning the snow at my parents' place. It was slippery in parts so I put a bit of sand. I am happy the sand boxes are being put back in the neighbourhoods. It was painful trying to find the boxes (I am unable to navigate even with the GPS in Helva unless there is a big box store to anchor me).
I am working on the lawsuit (what else is new?)
I bought some groceries before beginning and we will have burgers for supper.
My right finger hurts. It is swollen up like a donkey tail. I wonder if I am typing too much or whether the entire finger will fall off?
Right now my writing room is pleasantly hot. I am happy because my geraniums (the pink and the red) are blooming. The cyclamen is not dead but also pink in her fish tank. There is sun filtering through the lacy curtain of branches on the side window. Younger boy is home. Older boy is far away and I still haven't got Rebecca home for a visit.
Life is good. If you are alive, life is good.

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