Wednesday, February 8, 2017


The lawsuit is ongoing. Maybe when it is over I can look back on this part of my life and say --I was as brave as Jessica Ernst, Velvet Martin and Ruth Adria.
Maybe I can say--I lived my values.

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Julie, we care about you and the memories you share here. We thought you'd like to look back on this post from 1 year ago.
When you reach a point in your work where you have to either keep going or stop--what makes you keep going? I look to the women I admire. I admire Velvet Martin. She lost her darling baby girl-Samantha and she did not let that destroy her. Nope. She has worked ceaselessly for all children and has made a beautiful legacy in her child's memory called Samantha's Law. Why hasn't this law been accepted by the government of Alberta? I don't know. I suspect it has to do with a lack of respect for activists and the animosity generated by the very public work that activists like Velvet Martin do.
If I did not have Velvet's role model, I would stop. But Velvet has not stopped. She has had the worst thing happen to her--the death of her baby and she has kept going.
In a similar way, Jessica Ernst has had the worst things possible happen to her and she has not stopped. When I look at Jessica Ernst and how she is all alone I get the shivers. How does she do it? Jessica has had a long hard fight and has had to use all her savings. Canadians have not helped her as much as we could. We are all expecting her to do the heavy lifting we all should do. This is not right. We should be sending Jessica money, love and gifts to keep her encouraged and happy. Instead we let her do the hard work of activism and she does.
Without Velvet and Jessica--two lionesses --I would not be able to keep going in my own lawsuit. The Good Samaritan Society is suing me for defamation. I have to go to court to explain why I wrote about my sister's abuse in public. I have to tell everyone how I went to the LPN, the RN, the care manager, the site administrator, the upper manager, the CEO, the board of the Good Samaritan Society, then to AHS, then to Mr. Horne, Mr. Mandel and now Ms. Hoffman for help. I went to physicians. I asked them to help my sister. No one did anything except the audits and their action plans which did not do anything since they did not train the staff to press the button on a BIPAP machine. All they had to do was to train the staff. Yet the staff got no training and my sister had two identical adverse events. How many government workers does it take to find the problem in an abuse case and solve it?
I am a stay at home mummy. Why did I have to find out that the problem was training? Why did the AHS folks not find out the problems at the facility despite all the audits they did over the years? Why did no one do anything when families made Protection for Persons in Care complaints? Why are we --the people of Alberta--treated with such disrespect that we have to be waiting years for help for our families in continuing care? Why do we have government?
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