VIDEO: The Disability Community Responds to Me Before You movie

There’s a brand new video created by Carrie Ann Lucas celebrating protests of the movie “Me Before You” by the disability community on three continents. Carrie is on the Board of Directors of NDY and one of the leaders of Colorado NDY. Here’s how she describes the video:
The disability community responded to the disability snuff movie, Me Before You, with protests in many countries on three continents. The movie gives audiences the message that if you’re a disabled person, you’re better off dead #LiveBoldly? We already do! #MeBeforeEuthanasia
The musical backdrop for the video is by activist/songwriter/musician/singer Johnny Crescendo, singing “Not Dead Yet,” a song he wrote years ago about our community’s opposition to assisted suicide and euthanasia.  The video is captioned – and here’s info on how to access audio description:
Video described version available at at
Caution: This video includes rapidly moving images which may induce seizures or other neurological responses in sensitive individuals.

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