Saturday, August 6, 2016

they care they really care about us

you gotta be impressed by the politicians
before they get elected to the government of Alberta
they care    they really care about us
they present our stories in the media
and they tell us they will do better
and yet we don't see any action
for all their chatter
so why is it that we get banned?
why did I get banned from Rachel Notley's Facebook page?
and why did Les Landry get evicted from Brian Jeans page?
could it be that it's because we yap about the underdogs in Alberta?
could it be that there is cognitive dissonance  among politicians?

you gotta be impressed by the politicians
they say the right stuff continually
and when asked to deliver the goods
they talk some more
they pretend they listen to us
but really it's all about how to use us
we're their plasticine citizens
that they shape for the media
here is Shauna McHarg
saying how wonderful the folks at Alberta Health are
for finally doing their job
of telling AHS to put in the appeals process
that was mandated for decades that no one bothered with

you gotta be impressed by the politicians
now that the NDP are the new oil monarchs
we get to hear their baloney
we hear about the Enron folks
and the doomsday clause
we get to hear the spin over and over
printed out even by the newspapers
we wonder to ourselves
how is it possible that every hit is a miss?
next we see the Wildrose folks
as they scramble to avoid the same bad press of the NDP
they meet with us but it is unclear what they will do
when they get to the place of power

you gotta be impressed by the politicians
who are bored as hell by our stories
but they're not dead yet
we aren't willing to shut up
about the most vulnerable citizens in Alberta
just because the politicians are all business men
we're yapping on social media
(the only place we have left to us)
and family to family we are kicking butt
this is to say we are dissenting
and waiting for action
but where are the government folks?

VIDEO: The Disability Community Responds to Me Before You movie

There’s a brand new video created by Carrie Ann Lucas celebrating protests of the movie “Me Before You” by the disability community on three continents. Carrie is on theBoard of Directors of NDY and one of the leaders ofColorado NDY. Here’s how she describes the video:
The disability community responded to the disability snuff movie, Me Before You, with protests in many countries on three continents. The movie gives audiences the message that if you’re a disabled person, you’re better off dead#LiveBoldly? We already do!#MeBeforeEuthanasia
The musical backdrop for the video is by activist/songwriter/musician/singer Johnny Crescendo, singing “Not Dead Yet,” a song he wrote years ago about our community’s opposition to assisted suicide and euthanasia.  The video is captioned – and here’s info on how to access audio description:
Video described version available at at
Caution: This video includes rapidly moving images which may induce seizures or other neurological responses in sensitive individuals.

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