Wednesday, December 31, 2014

a fragile nest

Page 40
Pity the people, Lord, pity their going forth and their coming back,
Pity their sumptuous barricades
                                                     against the dark.
Show them the way the dirt works.
Show them its sift, the aftermath and the in-between.
Wet days are their own reward for now,
                                                        litter's lapse and the pebble's gleam.

From "Scar Tissue II" by Charles Wright in "Scar Tissue"

a fragile nest
built by birds
the eggs laid there
as if certain
of the future
but the nest is carried
by others
the nest 
of the home
is made of twigs
and straw
where is the nest placed?
where is the hole in the wall?
the dreamer of dreams
abandons us
the decorations consume us
but the home is fragile 
I have a nest I have placed
on the top of a chimney that smokes
the walls all fall down
the febrile ocean swims into view
the dreamer continues dreaming
the hole in the wall appears
I look through 
the other side is all about silence
and so let us sing
while we are here
the day's work will be carried over
to other days
the children will fly away
the twigs and straw will fail us
the dreamer herself will vanish
what is now is all a construct that is permeable
the ocean of blue
saddles the wall
and pushes through 
even the dreamer is taken back
there will be no more chances
and so leave the work
that never pauses
sing while you have the time
the field of grasses peels off the bone
of the earth  and all about the flying of birds
all about the nest that is strung with flowers
the singing that is a gift of him
hum a little in your throat
strip yourself of the girdle of shoulds
let yourself fall to your knees
and pray
the world is filled with bright shiny objects
that you gather in a basket made of tears

most Canadians seem to be environmental radicals--------------Eight in 10 Canadians say it’s urgent or somewhat urgent to have a national conversation about energy and the environment, while almost nine of 10 Canadians say it’s important or somewhat important to co-operate with the United States on the issue.

Stewart Shields is very brave to tackle the issues that get you labelled as other in Canada.
Anyone yapping about the environment in Alberta is an environmental radical even if it is a mummy like Diana Daunheimer. You have to wonder who the government at all levels represents when the ordinary citizen is vilified for having views contrary to the oil monarchs. While it is important to have a productive oil and gas sector, I see no reason why this sector cannot be held accountable for the poor performance of some of the companies that continue to operate under the benign neglect of the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta and the AER.
The AER is a myth making machinery that won't wash in terms of its myths anymore. We are beyond such fairy tales of good oversight when we can clearly see rogue companies like CNRL operate with a poor environmental record  in Alberta.

Letters for Friday, Dec. 5

Environment Minister Kyle Fawcett
Stuart Gradon / Calgary Herald


Not enough concern shown for oil spill

One would think that Environment Minister Kyle Fawcett would have a modicum of empathy for the environment. Apparently not so in Fawcett’s defence of Canadian Natural Resources Ltd.’s appalling oil spill and environmental record.
It’s OK to trash the environment for the sake of economic activity. Heaven forbid, we can’t stop the economic engine over minor oil spills and leaks. Although Liberal MLA Laurie Blakeman’s recommendation to cease CNRL’s operation might be a draconian measure, obviously fines have not been big enough to force CNRL to clean up its act.
This government’s pledge to consider the environment in the sphere of economic activity is bogus. Our caribou and many other species at risk have no hope in this province, but at least they have my empathy, and I will do what I can, even if it means riding a bike at -30 C.
Robin McLeod, Calgary

Who does the AER represent?
The oil and gas industry.
If the AER really represented Albertans we would not have Diana Daunheimer going to court to defend her family.
We would not have Jessica Ernst taking decades to do the work that is not done by the energy regulator or the government of Alberta.
Pipeline Prentice won't do the job of leading the government of Alberta into a strict environmental regulatory mode because he was hired by big oil to defend their interests. We are alone in our work that is ignored by Harper and crew as well.
Why would they serve us?
We are pieces on the game board to be manipulated.
And we are pieces that are easy to manipulate as seen in the past few by-elections where parachuted candidates got the mandate to govern us.

If we are to represent ourselves and furthermore do the job of the government at all levels, then let us do it.
Let us publicize the failures in environmental governance so that we can no longer have our eyes shut.
Let us hear about the disasters of ordinary Albertans.
Let there be, as Velvet Martin has said of the disasters in the foster care system--no more silence.

We have problems in oversight, disciplinary actions, in eviction of non-compliant operators from the work and we have problems in protecting the rights of landowners.
We have also a future problem in the clean up of the toxic messes that the oil and gas industry will walk away from as being both insolvable and too expensive to resolve.
All Canadians will pay for the tailings ponds, the contamination of water wells, the leakage into fresh water aquifers, the fracking chemicals entering the landscape above the injection wells; we will have a ton of problems and with everyone ignoring these problems, they will magnify and I'm guessing Alberta will be a desert. In one way or another. It will either be a desert from the fracking of the land or from the prohibitively high consumption of our fresh water reserves.

Climate change won't do us in folks.
It's about the water.

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From: Stewart Shields <>
Date: Wed, Dec 31, 2014 at 4:24 PM
Subject: Nanos poll: Majority of Canadians feel Ottawa must spearhead balanced debate on energy, environment | CTV News
To: brian mason <>, David Swann <>, Prime ministre <>,,
Cc: Alberta Activism <>, ENV Minister <>, "Peter - M.P. Julian" <>,, raitt <>, "St�phane - M.P. Dion" <>, Strathmore Brooks <>, T Banks <>

Most Canadians recognize that a balanced debate is impossible in a Petro-State like Canada!!  It is important that Canadians are beginning to recognize the importance of our environment!!  Canadians must guard against allowing the development industry from walking away from environmental messes now that energy prices have corrected?? Well abandonments must continue and indeed increase to keep pace with active drilling, indeed if drilling does slow—it would be a great time to catch up with well abandonments to a far more satisfactory level?? The bitumen sands pose another huge concern—with present day profits not what they have been in the past, developers will be weasel-wise to ducking their environmental responsibilities!! 
Alberta should certainly entertain the notion of placing it’s petroleum properties into a professional Crown corporation for maximine returns on their holdings , and having a public agency to oppose industries CAPP, and put forth the public owners wishes--at development hearings??  The most shocking thing for me in the petro-realm in 2014, was attending the Northern Gateway pipeline hearings in Edmonton, and discovering this mighty project was being debated without input from a body representing the public owners??? A comparative with other nations on dollars generated from petroleum properties, indicates a far different management system is needed in Alberta and Canada?? Canada may never catch-up with the dollars Norway has streaming in from petroleum ownership—but starting now to change in that direction will make the Alberta and indeed the Canadian public owners look far less stupid!!!
Stewart Shields

Nanos poll: Majority of Canadians feel Ottawa must spearhead balanced debate on energy, environment | CTV News

Canadians dialogue on energy and environment
A majority of Canadians urgently want the federal government to lead a national conversation about the energy sector and the environment, according to a new poll from Nanos Research.
The poll suggests Canadians are looking for a more moderate voice in the oft-polarizing debate between Canadian environmental groups and the oil and gas giants of the energy sector.
According to the poll, 78 per cent of Canadians think the federal government should lead the national debate, rather than allowing provincial governments to spearhead the conversation. Eight in 10 Canadians say it’s urgent or somewhat urgent to have a national conversation about energy and the environment, while almost nine of 10 Canadians say it’s important or somewhat important to co-operate with the United States on the issue.
And while most Canadians are united in their desire to talk about energy and the environment, the Nanos poll suggests they are divided over the finer points in the debate.
Poll respondents were split on whether First Nations groups should be allowed to block pipeline construction, with a slight edge in favour of supporting it. Canadians surveyed for the poll were asked to gauge their measure of support for First Nations being able to stop proposed pipeline construction in their territory. About 31 per cent of respondents said they supported First Nations, 19 per cent somewhat supported them, 31 per cent opposed pipeline-blocking measures and 15 per cent somewhat opposed the action.
Pipelines remain a top concern for environmentalists, but the Nanos poll suggests Canadians still see pipelines as the most environmentally responsible option available to transport oil. Sixty-two per cent of respondents said pipelines were the most environmentally responsible method, which far outstrips all other options on the list. Train transport was a distant second at eight per cent, followed by truck (three per cent) and oil tanker (two per cent).
Twenty-four per cent of respondents were unsure which method was safest for the environment.
Nanos Research randomly recruited 1,000 Canadians for the survey through cellphone and land-line calls, then directed them to an online questionnaire. Results were weighted by age and gender, and collected so as to represent all parts of Canada.
Results are considered accurate to within plus or minus 3.1 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.
The poll was commissioned by the Globe and Mail newspaper.

when you see him

when you see him
in the buttons and
in the small footsteps
in the rain
when you see him
in dusty lanes
a shadow fleeing
the sunlight
when you see him
in the solitude
of the desert
when you see him
in the wreckage of sleep
when you see him
in the tumbled stones
of the river of darkness
oh what will you say to him?

when you see him
in the bushy beard of the fir tree
when you see him in the coastal tide
of the clouds
when you see him in the pinned
that sway on the cattails
when you see him in the small bright leaves
of the aspens
when you see him in the prints in the snow
that tamp down that cold cotton
when you see him in the forest of sounds
that echo in the chickadee hide and seek
when you see him in the lost tales
of memory
when you see him in the dusty prints
on the surface of the present
when you see him lurking
behind you
oh the somber ache of it

when you see him
in the ravished grasses
where the body of the sun has laid down
when you see him
in the coat hanger of the cloud
that drips rain
when you see him
in the praying voice of the wind
when you see him
in the scissors of the hail
as they rip and tear the land
when you see him
in the burst balloon of the hour
to spill rubble everywhere
when you see him
in the slit wrists
of the river that forms the bloody foam
about the red sands of the hills
when you see him in the lost voice
that never said anything  
when you see him
in the lean to shack of the dead magpie
what will you mutter then?

you must

you must make a route
out of nothing
you must put a few signs
on the way
so that you can finally sleep
you must imagine dust storms
rainfall    dust again 
the street covered in snow
you must travel far
you must go within
you must reach the cities of trouble
and the prairies where the grasses
blow their flutes
you must go underground
where the roots travel deep
you must stay in place
and wait for the piercing to begin
you must work all the time
and then still
so that the skull splits
you must burrow
in the den you create
in your head
you must give up on everyone
   they will become the atoms flying
off the lattice of reality
that  present array   you have disturbed
with inquiry and shame
you must give up on certainty
but also not immerse
in chaos
you must do what you can
while you have time
for you understand
this is a shift from one phase
to another only
when the accident happens
it was meant
as was the confusion of the journey

the bull

Nothing is wasted. What you have done is all in your writing. If you try something it will be still there to return to. Of course your energy level might decline as you age or as you meander but then this is not a constant matter; some days you will be a freak and be able to write a passage to India or Japan. Then when the writing storm is done, you will be ashamed of your presumption. Other bloggers will stop writing, but you keep going. Whatever it is that makes you write will be mysterious. There is no need to sit and thump the drum of the work; the sounds are in your head and you will puncture that head to get the sounds out.
If you start reading as a child and begin to scribble as well these aren't signs of greatness but merely the signs that you are adhesive to print; that when you write something happens to your head that addicts you to further writing and reading. The chemistry of addiction might require constant fueling and so you read deeply and frequently; later on in life you might do other things but the templates laid in childhood never vanish; you will go to them in the low and high moments of life and build on them the future cities of writing.
If this sort of habit is satisfied by daily writing on a blog then you will write massive amounts of drafts of books you could have written; poems will sit embryonic on the pages of the blog like half developed children that aborted or that were never meant to be full term. One day you might polish a few poems and send them out as the rare children of your family of words.  I am not sure that this happens to most of us.  Perhaps the need to put into words our daily experiences is something that is resolved by the writing on a blog where you can stop the whirling for a minute or two and still time in these dashed off pieces.
Stilling time in writing is worth doing. We see so little of our lives as we run through it that to stop and pause; to catch the moment in a bubble we blow out and watch vanish into the future where we can catch its interior contents --well that is a good thing in my mind.
I have journals all over the house that carry these soap bubbles.
If I have a moment, I can do the past business --where I stop the whirl and look at the past lives of my self and see the events of our lives in perhaps a more mature and sanguine manner than at the time of the events.  Everything becomes the past and everything becomes endurable when we are in the future. The future self is magnanimous and gentle with the younger self who was an idiot.
In any case, the future self is willing to read the past self.
Sometimes the future self is even pleased with the past self.
The past is a dagger in a body that is already dead.
I can't take the dagger out.
But I can see the blows of the dagger and I can see the body and I can learn from the murder.

It maybe that there was no murder at all --just the passionate feelings of the experience that have dissipated like the rain mist from a waterfall that has frozen in mid-fall.

Things that crushed me in the past, now seem like pieces of a broken cup that I once held in my hands.
I don't think of the cup as important.
I throw the shards of it away.
The memory of the breakage is still there.
Sometimes it is written into sense.
Sometimes it is not made into any sense; it just is an irrational moment where you understand the world is not the way that you would order it but often a bull charging at the matador that you were not able to be.

Inexperience kills.
And with time you might get enough skillful moves to be a matador of sorts so that when life is the bull and you are facing that bull, you have enough character to survive the encounter with the bull.

the prairies call to her

I take my tongue
and let the end fork
I say the hissing words
that come from deep within
I wish for loving kindness
but the poison is fanged in my jaw

I take my tongue
to speak only about working
together as a team
but the hissing words     speak of other things
under the calm exterior
is a volcano 

I take my tongue
like a shaping tool
to whittle through the mask
that is worn by others
I say the words of the knife
that cuts into everything 

I take my tongue
to blast through Mars
I say the kernel of the matter
I predict the future
and I suggest the answers
I do not wait for others to come

I take my tongue
like a lash and I strike fast
I do not wish to maim or cure the affliction
I wish to leave the marks of my existence
that say      that this is all I can do
because I am powerless

I take my tongue
to scour the pots and pans
so that the rust falls off
so that there is a gleaming surface
where I can see my own face
which is something I do not wish to see

I take my tongue
to reach the deepest crevices
that exists in me    I do not think
I am able to find the holes in anyone else
they must do their own investigations
the work is all about the stable where the mare is kept imprisoned

I take my tongue
to let the mare out
the prairies call to her
she wishes to go out there
the grasses tumbleweed
to make a signal for her flight

the bird of hope is flying

a new year comes
with the feet of the old one
and I set the entire down
I watch the horizon for rain
I slipcover the past
with the cotton I have kept
for a shroud
I bury the past 

a new year comes
with the temple and the shroud
the worm circles the body
I let the bird fly out of the mouth
to travel where she would
I let the branch of the fir tremble
as the bird settles there
all the old ways are gone

a new year comes
with childish feet
the lisp of the words
that she speaks 
is all about good things 
that are to happen 
we have hope in our arms
and the toddler is off from the house of the family

a new year comes
I bury the past
I settle for coins in my hands
and the burial shroud of the past 
that I place in the grave
the solitude of the cemetery
is to be replaced        by the bird that leaves the fir tree
and circles above  me        the bird of hope is flying 

the scraps of the past in your hands

Pages 35-36

It is impossible to say good-bye to the past.
Whose images are they anyway,
                                                      whose inability to spell them out?
Such destitution of words.
What hand was seen to wave in the all absorbing light?

Better to leave it alone.
Better to let it drift there,
                                          at the end edge of sight,
Replete with its angel bands and its handful of golden hair,
Just out of earshot, just out of reach.

But someday that hand will reappear
Out of the awful blear light.
Someday that hand, white hand in the white light,
                                                                will wave again, and not stop.
No reason to look around then, it will be waving to you.


from "Scar Tissue" by Charles Wright in "SCAR TISSUE"


don't look back
no need to
memory will follow you
like a hunting dog
to your door
then stand and wait
for you      the scraps of the past in your hands 

don't look back
or open the door
the past streams in like dust on air
that mongrel     memory 
waiting for you
the shoulder of the past
is near always      motionless in the evening sun

don't look back
that countenance you avoid
that sibilant hiss of the words
spoken     or said to you
stapled somewhere on the bulletin board
of the mind    the notes from there 
waving carelessly in the wind 

don't look back
the sequence is fixed and immutable
the sullen cast of the face 
the collapsing cities of events
the shoulder that shrugs
as if to say      so what?
this is how it happens to all of us

don't look back
I have seen the face 
in accidents and near death acts
there has been a passageway
and a river of darkness
the face I avoid     has been there 
and will be there       when the river laps at my feet again

don't look back
it is enough to say
that in small steps
you have walked backwards
so that you might
briefly look upon the face
that was the past    memory    that dog that pads patiently after you 

facing the wrath of Kurji

After returning from the  Good Samaritan extended care at Millwoods, it is tempting to just go to bed.
Everyone else is in bed.
It's been a bland day where I have done nothing.
My dad, in his eighties --in contrast has been working at the clinic near his home. He was supposed to be off work but there was no doctor today and they asked him to come in on his off day. He agreed.

You have to think about this matter.
Here is a man in his eighties working like a maniac and here am I barely able to get through a day.
I should get my thyroid hormone levels checked again.

Soon I will take older boy to see Dr. Colliton's substitute physician.
In the afternoon I will take the boys to see Dr. Kurji.
All week long I have been telling them of "the wrath of Kurji" and suggesting that they floss and brush extra long but they are oblivious.
The wrath of Kurji is not pretty.
I better go to bed.
Here is Dr. Kurji's information.
She's a doll.
But you'd better brush and floss or you're in big trouble.

Pediatric Dentistry on 160 is new to the north side of Edmonton! We are focused on bringing you the best dental services for your children, using the latest and safest techniques & practices available!

Dr. Zahra A. Kurji

Certified Specialist - Pediatric Dentistry
Dr. Zahra A. Kurji is a certified specialist in pediatric dentistry, a fellow of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Canada and is a member of the Canadian Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (CAPD) and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD). Dr. Kurji obtained her Master of Science in Pediatric Dentistry from the University of Toronto.
She completed a Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Dental Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan. She then completed a one-year hospital residency at the Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon. During her dental schooling, Dr. Kurji was a recipient of numerous awards; including the Saskatchewan Chapter Dentistry for Children Award (2003), Award from the American Academy of Oro-Facial Pain (2003), Award from American Academy of Periodontology (2003), W. A. Cotter Award (2002) and the Dr. Kirk Johnston Memorial Award (2001).
Dr. Kurji enjoyed general dental practice for three years in Saskatoon. Her interest in pediatric oral health and in the treatment of individuals with special needs led her to pursue specialty training in Pediatric Dentistry at the University of Toronto. During her pediatric residency, Dr. Kurji attained the top prize for her research presentation at the Canadian Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (CAPD) Meeting in Charlottetown in PEI (2008) and also attained first prize at the 2009 Research Day at the University of Toronto.
Dr. Kurji has been practicing in Edmonton since September of 2009, and teaches part-time at the University of Alberta, where she instructs dental students. She is the Chair of the Scientific Committee of the Canadian Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and is also one of the directors on the Edmonton District and Dental Society.
Dr. Kurji has published her research in the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Publication, Pediatric Dentistry.
Dr. Kurji loves the snow in spite of growing up in a hot climate and lives in Edmonton with her husband, Jordan.

Dr. Darsi Perusini

Certified Specialist - Pediatric Dentistry
Dr. Darsi J. Perusini is a certified specialist in pediatric dentistry, a fellow of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada, and is a member of the Canadian Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (CAPD).
Dr. Perusini grew up in Spruce Grove, Alberta and completed his Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Dental Surgery at the University of Alberta. During this time, he was the recipient of a number of awards and scholarships, including: American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons Award (2009), Dr. James Zimmerman Scholarship (2009 and 2007), Dr. W Scott Hamilton Scholarship in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (2009), Edmonton and District Dental Society Student Award (2009 and 2008), Dental Alumni Association Prize (2008, 2007 and 2006), Dr. Cal Waddell – Western Canada Dental Society Memorial Scholarship (2008), Mac George Strelioff Prize in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (2008), Dr. Jerry Sirdar Memorial Scholarship (2007), Herb Link Memorial Award (2006) and Dr. Gordon Nikiforuk Admission Scholarship (2005).
Following dental school, Dr. Perusini moved to Toronto, Ontario to pursue a one-year residency in hospital dentistry and oral surgery at the Mount Sinai Hospital. Subsequently, he completed his residency and Master of Science in Pediatric Dentistry at the University of Toronto.
Dr. Perusini is happy to be back in Edmonton working alongside Dr. Kurji. Dr. Perusini also teaches part-time at the University of Alberta, where he instructs dental students both in the classroom and in the clinic.


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Certified Specialist in Pediatric Dentistry
Certified Specialist in Pediatric Dentistry

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

in her clamps and devices

I polish the soul
in its hard shell
of leather and iron
I put the soul
on the animal body
I let the soul ride
to where she would
and if the body is exhausted
I merely wait
until she is ready again

I polish the soul
in her clamps and devices
I lay out the clockworks
and the shining ornaments of surgery
I predict the soul is a basket
that is emptied 
until only the handles are left
I shrug when I see the debris flying around
these matters are all fanciful
I cannot say how it will all end in the poem

I watch the night cover the day
with his dark body
I see the stars scar the surface
of what was their union
I watch the moon cut down the clouds
until they are flowers in a dark vase of now 
I migrate the river until it bars the land
I throw it all up in the air
and I muddle reality with the shards
of the vase that once carried the flowers of clouds

what was vanishes
I make again a new country
the mind is a shoulder that I shrug
the plastic curtains on the consciousness parts
to let me into the shower of language
the soul leaps on the animal
of the body
they ride together to where they may
I have no objective   and the far country beckons
the shoulder of the mind shrugs again

where are you going to?
the poem is riding away with them
I can't illuminate the dark hour of silence
with song   I can't finish what I started
it is all fragments that go awry
I polish the soul
in its hard shell
I tell myself
this is sufficient
the clouds flower in the dark vase of night

Important things

At the end of the year it is useful to stop whirling and think about important things.
The most important things are family and how the family is progressing.
Let me make a small list of the important things.

1) Everyone is still alive.
2) We aren't doing as much exercise as we could but we are still moving.
This important thing is connected to important thing #1.
3) We all have someone to love; in my case, I have multiple folks to love.
We also have folks who love us.
4) None of us are dark people, psychopaths, liars or fools.
5) We try to help other families and folks--even strangers. After all a stranger is a friend in making.
6) We aren't shy about yapping about problems. Well, at least I am not shy about yapping about problems. Everyone else in my family and extended family follow the decorum rules of our society which seem to say that we are to be stepped on over and over again and not make a fuss about this. I think this sort of situation is pretty nutty.
I yap.
I keep yapping.
I don't know if this results in change but certainly other families are forewarned and now can progress in the long term care facility business with caution.

7) Everyone had some good days, a few bad days and the rest were normal ordinary days of normal ordinary people.
I mean we aren't rock stars.

8) Change is good.
It is easy to get stuck in a rut.
Once change is forced on you, it is good for you even if you complain all the way through the change.
We had some changes forced on our family last year but we are in a better place this year.
9) Health matters take precedence over everything else.
It's pretty clear to me that if you don't have health it won't matter if you have everything else.
10) New year's resolutions aren't as useful as looking over the past year's events and learning from them.
I'm sure there is plenty to learn from the experiences of this last year. I have benefited from finding out how folks in government do their jobs and when they don't do their jobs, how they cover up not doing their jobs. I have benefited from learning about the standards of care and other government information that folks won't tell you about --but you can read up yourself. It is important --I have learned to have the rules of the games and then to play them without becoming emotional. If you do become emotional, take a time out.

Important things are everywhere about me.
I have spent today going beyond the important things to doing the housework for the banking accounts and checking the bills I have to pay.
The paper is everywhere.

I stop shape shifting paper to focus on the important things.

We are all still here.

the answer is non-existent

I put my hands in my pockets and I wait
for the next installment of the work
I wonder where my shells went
(they seem to be all broken)
the story is all about self interest
and workers who do not think of others
(this is the entire story in Alberta)

I watch the workplace
and I think of the next steps
meanwhile I write out the posts
I reiterate the same mess
every time I write
but of course
the situation is better than it was before

my handicapped sister
now has a guard
I take up space beside her
I watch the work that is done
I think about the next steps
in resuscitation
I do not depend on the health care provider

this is to say
you must be intelligent
and watch the workers in their place
you must record everything
and ask for data
what you choose to do with this information
is to make history of the personal sort

the Good Samaritan Society
has failed in its work
and no manner of painting over
the past will erase the poor work
of the employees
this should be disclosed by others
since they will never admit these failures and apologize

you are to set up an adverse event protocol
of your own
so that they can understand
what is required
this adverse event protocol will be based
on what was not done in your sister's case
this is to say you are doing their work for them again 

you stand in the winter of your life
the work is all about you in lies
the social worker tells me
that the main matter should be taking care of my sister
I look at her face and I do not reply
what is the point?
she will never alter from what she is

was this not the same worker
who failed her?
I think about the times I asked about the mask
and her refusal to do her job
but she was not disciplined and still keeps her job
she seems to have recovered her mask     and I see 
that whatever I do       will not result in change in her

you have to wonder
at the government of Alberta
how it retains the employees who fail
while in the private sector such failures
would end in termination
we pay for public sector employees who do not work
we are the dreamers of a nightmare in governance

and we pay for their administrators
who allow these matters
we pay for the care managers
who don't care for our families
and who allow 2 years out of 5 years without  the RRT
these are all seen  by them to be matters of staff retention
rather than failures to meet the standards of care

we pay for everybody
and when we ask why is it
we pay for failures in the long term care facility of shame
the answer is non-existent           we are to understand
that as employers we have no power       the power is all theirs 
we are simply the ones who are taxed
and then work our entire lives     for a house of corruption and lies

Continuing Care Centres - Good Samaritan Society Stony Plain Care Centre, The

Continuing care centres (e.g., auxiliary hospitals and nursing homes) provide:
24/7 care for people with complex medical needs
short-term care to give a person’s regular caregivers a break (respite)  
rehabilitation, recreation therapy, and dialysis programs
Continuing care centres (e.g., auxiliary hospitals and nursing homes) provide:
  • 24/7 care for people with complex medical needs
  • short-term care to give a person’s regular caregivers a break (respite)  
Services provided  within the centres include rehabilitation, recreation therapy, and dialysis programs


Good Samaritan Society Stony Plain Care Centre, The
4800 55 Avenue
Stony Plain, Alberta
T7Z 1P9


780-496-1300 (Community Care Access ), 780-963-2261




Wheelchair accessible

For more information please contact the service at this facility.

Hours of Operation

24 hour service
Caregivers are on staff 24/7

Wait time

You will be assessed to find a place that is right for your needs. Wait may be dependant on services needed.