Friday, June 28, 2013

does he still himself to see the future that is coming?

since I cannot sleep
I will write a poem
about magic
and present it
to him

I will say that he is a best friend
to someone  I love
and that we both
support her
(he perhaps more than I)

when he sits in Rosebud
and thinks about Jess
what does he think about inside his soul?
does he wonder why she doesn’t simply
stop the work that never ends?

does he think about retirement
and the good work of silence?
does he still himself     to see the future that is coming?
when magic peels off the hours
what does he think about?

is he content with his life?
and if he is
perhaps I can learn from him this simplicity
that a life need not be large
to be tender     as his life is

I put down magic
in the poem
I have him facing the sunset
and thinking about Jessica
I have the still story of magic as I go to sleep


Jessica Ernst
Jessica, Magic and Bandit, photograph by Maggie Dickeson
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 Magic after sunset at Rosebud.
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