Thursday, January 31, 2013

letter to Ms. Redford to tell her to stop bullying the chief electoral officer

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Subject: don't y'all understand you made a boo-boo and can't keep the money?

Dear Ms. Redford,

Are you all so short of cash in the Tory party----that you have to bully the electoral officer into handing back the money that you had to return to him?
What the heck?
Are you all losing your marbles?
This is an endless political soap opera  that is wearisomely foolish.

You are not to ask the poor man for the money you got through bullying constituents like folks at ATB.
Put an end to this sort of anti-democratic business or I won’t believe you are a lawyer.

All the best,

not only do they not understand they are breaking the law but they ask for the fines to be adjusted to zero

Not only do the Tories not understand the concept of breaking the law, even when they break the law they think they shouldn't pay a fine for it.
Too weird.
Soon they will all go and start a war against crime like the nitwits in Ottawa and blame everyone except themselves for the crimes they commit.

There may be some sense to this matter.
If the electorate is hunting for gophers we might not see the wolves and hyenas in packs around us.

Not only were we outfoxed by these predators in the last election into falling for the scared of the Wildrosies trick but now we have to listen to them scare the electoral officer into peeing in his pants.
This is just the same sort of anti-democratic nonsense we are used to in Alberta but need to put a stop to right away.

Write to the nitwits folks and breathe fire down their necks.  

Alberta PC party wants electoral officer to reverse orders to repay illegal donations


Conservatives say individual donors should pay for their mistakes

Alberta PC party wants electoral officer to reverse orders to repay illegal donations

File photo of the Alberta Legislature

Photograph by: John Lucas , John Lucas/Edmonton Journal

EDMONTON - Alberta’s Progressive Conservative party has asked the province’s chief electoral officer to reverse orders mandating that the party repay thousands of dollars in illegal donations tied to post-secondary institutions and local governments.
Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta president Jim McCormick said Wednesday that the party returned $6,900 to prohibited donors where ordered by Elections Alberta in cases dating back the last three years.
But the party feels it is unfair for the political organization to pay for mistakes by individual donors who later went back to prohibited organizations and asked to be reimbursed. Under Alberta’s campaign finance laws, political parties are prohibited from knowingly receiving money via organizations funded by taxpayers such as school boards or town councils.
“We acknowledge the spirit of the act where we do not want to be the beneficiary of public dollars back as donations, period,” McCormick said.
“However, we accepted this money from individuals primarily in good faith as donations directly from them. We think the onus should fall more on those individuals rather than either the prohibited corporations or ourselves.”
McCormick spoke to the Journal one day in advance of Elections Alberta posting the results of three years’ worth of investigations into breaches of the province’s Election Finances and Contributions Disclosure Act. The information will be posted on Elections Alberta’s website.
Up until MLAs approved a new version of the act in the fall sitting of the legislature, Elections Alberta said it was prohibited from publicly releasing the results of its investigations, including identifying groups or parties sanctioned or censured by the office.
Those disclosures will only go back as far as Dec. 10, 2009, however, since the new Elections Act imposes a three-year limit on how far back the information can go.
The issue of illegal donations has dogged the PC party for more than a year as documents came to light showing that organizations like municipalities, school boards and universities contributed to the party over the years, often through tickets for fundraising events like golf tournaments or dinners.
In 2012, former party president Bill Smith apologized after the party returned $850 to Calgary Laboratory Services, a branch of Alberta Health Services. Smith said the PCs thought it was still a private company.
Smith also said last spring that the party repaid about $9,200 voluntarily to about a dozen different local governments and educational institutions in the spring. Those included donations from Medicine Hat, the County of Grande Prairie No. 1, the towns of Fahler, Okotoks, High River and Redcliff and Athabasca University.
Although the party voluntarily returned money in the spring, McCormick said the organization now feels it must stand up for a principle. In two cases where the party was advised by Elections Alberta to voluntarily return the money, it has not, he said. Both cases involve an $850 donation.
McCormick said Wednesday that in all the cases to be documented Thursday, with the exception of the Calgary lab, the party issued a tax receipt to an individual who later went back to a prohibited corporation to be reimbursed without the PCs knowing.
In a letter to Chief Electoral Officer Brian Fjeldheim dated Jan. 21, McCormick said that it is the individual donors who should be ordered to return the money.
“We think it would be unfair for any return order to cause the association to be impliedly seen as having somehow offended the Act in these cases when, in truth, the only breaches have been by those who, by obtaining reimbursement of apparently proper contributions, participated in prohibited contributions and then took the benefit of them,” McCormick wrote.
Fjeldheim said he did not want to speak in detail about the investigations until Thursday, but he did say that his rulings were firm.
“I believe the purpose of the act is to ensure the political entities can’t take the benefit of prohibited corporations contributions, even in circumstances where the party may not itself have contravened the act,” Fjeldheim said.
“I can understand how this can happen. But having said that, I still feel the purpose of the act is to ensure transparency and integrity. I believe that can be achieved, if these indirect ones being accepted in contravention of the act, if they’re returned.”
McCormick shared details of the 10 cases connected the main PC party with the Journal on Wednesday on the condition that the paper not identify the prohibited corporations involved, unless they had previously been made public, such as the Calgary Laboratory Services case.
The party feels that information should be released by Elections Alberta, he said.
Elections Alberta also will report that 17 PC constituency associations had to collectively repay $9,905, according to the party.
According to documents provided to the PC party by Fjeldheim, the donations all related to tickets purchased to attend various Leaders’ Dinners. Seven took place in 2010 and three in 2011.
McCormick said the party already takes pains to ensure donors know the rules about where the money can come from, but will be doing even more in the future.
Wildrose MLA Shayne Saskiw, the former executive director of his party, said that he does not expect his party to be identified by Elections Alberta as receiving illegal donations.
Whether ordered or advised, Saskiw said the PCs should be repaying any illegal donations.
“If there is any taxpayer dollars, directly or indirectly in the PC bank account at the party level or constituency level it should be repaid,” said Saskiw, MLA for Lac La Biche-Two Hills-St. Paul.
“It is mind boggling they are having this so-called discussion with the chief electoral officer.”

and watch the skies daily


Another sunset photo from our camping trip to Deception Pass State Park last spring.

intuition is like this
one moment you are shrugged in deception's coat
and then the smoke clears from your presence
the red flare stays your confusion
you see the meaning that was absent (because you were dreaming)
you can’t doubt that this is what you must do (the sign tells you)

if you refuse the symbol that is given
to you as the guidance for the current situation
you won’t avoid what the sign portents for you (it is a warning)
(these symbols are simply impossible to avoid
they drop like buckets of water over your head
you must listen to them     you must awake)

intuition is the sharp crimson in the bed of smoke
that fire that shapes the future sky
and if you refuse    the message it is giving to you
you will miss an opportunity for growth or pruning
(which is always what intuition is moving you towards)
and so do what the symbol   sign  and static tells you to do

forgive yourself if you misunderstood the requirement
and shape the way    (that is indistinct but necessary)
intuition is the soul saying what is hidden
and when you arrive at the crossroads of the mystery
wait there  for another sign will flame in the sky as if there
was a necessity for it to arise(perhaps there are angels that guide and

provide the sign that arrives)
you are to simply be obedient to the message
 in any case you are to prepare yourself
for whatever test is to be taken
and watch the skies daily
for the future is always uncertain 

you are given the signs of intuition
to make the way less indistinct than
if you were to walk without the symbol
that is red and visible    so go towards 
that future   and do not think this is the last glimmer
of the sword that disrupts (intuition is frequent)

make a bridge over chasms

Deception Pass Bridge

The Deception Pass bridge was built 1934-1935 to connect Fidalgo and Whidbey Islands. It is two lanes and is part of Washington state Route 20. There are actually two spans over Canoe Pass and Deception Pass which are separated by Pass Island which provides a connection between the spans. At the highest point it is 180 feet above the water and is more than a quarter mile long. The bridge was built at a cost of about $500,000 and cost more to paint now than it did to build it. It is an important landmark here in the Pacific Northwest and a popular tourist destination. There are walkways on both sides of the bridge and trails leading up onto Goose Rock and other scenic areas near the bridge. This is actually the north part of the bridge, the Canoe Pass bridge, but both together are usually referred to as the Deception Pass bridge.

make a bridge over chasms
and shape it elegant
store water below it
and sky above to frame it clean

race over the eclipse
and enter the silence that you shape
make a bridge over chasms
and join together two solitudes between words and meaning

post your travel in a place that is clear
of all other matters except this stem
and shape of the poem    make a bridge over chasms
that joins together two sides that unite so that 

words and meaning can meet
and once you have the sense of what you breed
run with it and don't hide (this is how to get
to some fleeting sense of the animal 

that is already fleeing) but at least
the frame is there   and you can make the bridge
over the emptiness   this might be the only matter
of pride (to set down the roadway)

advice to myself

somehow make the words sing
and do this even though
it feels odd
and repulsive
make the words appear
and say

when the words are in their places
do not rearrange unless
the sounds feel as if they did not belong
push through the lines
as needles into flesh
begin the injection of the medicine in the syringe

as if the cure   and the healing
came solely from the doing of language
understand you cannot make anything
unless you write as if your life depends on it
(it does if you are a poet  you must write
to survive) and slap down the doubt that is present

(this is the frightful part)
there is that voice in your head that laughs
at what you say   (for we are all cursed
with the ego that is predominant as
the false self) and when the soul bricks
itself in safety   let it out again as if it were unafraid

I can’t make but I still write
because the compulsion is so strong
that not saying is detrimental (you might
be this way    in that the words
will have their way with you   and make
you vivid)  I can’t do the work but I do it anyway

but I say that some of us are chosen
as mouthpieces of the Muse (others are luckier
they have control and can decide the
mood and the content of the lines
if you are made to be greeting the Muse
to receive his language   you will be shameless

because he wishes it (some of us are his playthings)
and the words that you press between the pages
of books will be laid fresh    to become
desiccated for years  (but that is just your bad luck)
one day you maybe given a fresh bouquet
that you can keep as a reward   (this maybe just before

you expire)    the matter of writing
a poem is simply to keep going
and wanting greatly the glory of knowing
the sound of music    putting the words down
on the doorstep of the room of music continually
and one day    you may be let into the room of poetry  (this is not certain

but the Muse maybe kind and let you sit
at his feet while he expresses) the song
he gives to you as tendrils of whispers
you must catch as threads and sew them into
words    the lines that appear will astonish you
and eventually   you may understand what he meant (or not)

and of course at times
the lines will frighten you (especially if you are cowardly)
and you will despair (this is just the way it is
all of life is a great surprise and you might only
learn what is in the box at the end of the time)
poetry will help you get to this point of elucidation 

these stories are meant to be written
you are not a small piece of nothing
write it out and put it for the traveller on the road
who is wishing for a small piece of advice (this might be you)
and this advice to myself might help you and certainly
it has helped me    for whatever I write is pleasure and pain

and the silence is unbearable
I write to put it out on the road
and then I am on my way   this may be all poetry is
the free expression of the soul within that is to be seen
so that the poet who is pure   might be able to unchain those
who are still chained (but this poem may not do the trick of freeing)